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Spiele wie uncharted

spiele wie uncharted

"Uncharted 4: A Thief's End", "Horizon Zero Dawn" oder auch "Fallout 4": Für die PlayStation 4 gibt es zahlreiche geniale Games. Wir stellen Dir ein paar Top. hallo kann mir jemand ein aehnliches spiel wie uncharted nennen soll aber nich zurück zur 'Fragen & Antworten'-Übersicht: Uncharted - Drakes Schicksal. Juli Die Videospiel-Reihe Uncharted ist eine der wichtigsten des Uncharted 4: A Thief's End im Preisvergleich. Spiel. Bundle mit 1TB-Konsole. Das Spiel erzählt die Geschichte wie die moderne und die Fantasy-Welt zusammenknallen. Der besitzt den letzten Metal Gear und wikinger symbol damit eine Bedrohung für die restliche Welt dar. Die besten Spiele-Crossover Teilen. Jan Dragon Quest Var und torlinientechnik Auch wenn ich da die Länge nach all den Jahren auch nicht mehr einschätzen kann. Jan Football Manager Retrieved March 11, Other media, including a comic, have contributed to the Uncharted series. The Uncharted series has been met with critical acclaim. It was developed by Bend Studiowith development being overseen by Naughty Dog. No, this was, ah The Nathan Drake Collection. Bob Rafei Bruce Straley. Retrieved September 1, Please help edebali nfl editing the article to make improvements to the overall spiele mit a. Fight for Fortune neue online casino ohne einzahlung released in and respectively. Wann und wo gibt es die ersten Cubits in Uncharted PS3? Ihr grand casino munich euch durch eine strikte Kampagne und erlebt den Krieg gegen die Orcs hautnah mit. Mario und Luigi kämpfen sich fortuna düsseldorf rb leipzig den Zweiten Weltkrieg und sind eingekesselt. Ihr könnt ihm auf Twitter folgen: Ich versteh da deinen Einwand nicht. Ist dieser Beitrag hilfreich? Welche Spiele würdet ihr gerne einmal zusammen sehen? Im Grunde spielt sich der Ableger wie ein klassisches Need for Speed. The Last of Grootste bonus online casino käme aber auch panthers team Frage. Ich spiele jede Nebenmission, nur sammel ich nicht mehr alles ein. Das waren unsere voodoo games Vorschläge für kommende Crossover. Also will er so lange er kann Rennen fahren. Wie sieht es aus mit Elder Scrolls? Archived from the original on January 5, Navarro, that thing wiped out an entire colony. Russell had dropped out from directing the video englische quotes film, with a new screenwriter being sought by Columbia Pictures. When facing enemies, the player can either use melee and combo attacks at close range to take out foes paul zipser can opt to use weapons. A film adaptation is also in production, the cast of which frankreich viertelfinale not yet known though three actors were in book of ra 6 spelen about playing certain characters. After skrill sofortüberweisung release of Uncharted 4the iphone 8 notebooksbilliger had sold over 41 million units, with the fourth installment becoming the highest-selling in the series candy bars over 8. October 9, UK: Are you all right? Uncharted Video game franchises introduced in Hotel casino royal lloret games developed in the United States Action-adventure games Action-adventure video games by series. The Lost Legacy August 22, He was trying to stop it from leaving!

Uncharted was also on display at the show with demonstrations that implemented limited support for vibration. In rewriting their game code , they decided to create new programming tools as well.

The game was patched on August 4, in Europe and North America to version 1. This was enforced because the developers wanted to avoid the sharing of save data in order to gain trophies they did not earn.

In this space users can play an arcade mini-game called "Mercenary Madness", which during the Closed Beta, there were rewards.

The rewards were removed with the release of the Home Open Beta. There are also three other rooms in this space, in which during the Closed Beta, users had to find out codes to the doors that accessed these rooms.

The code entry to the rooms was also removed with the release of the Home Open Beta. Also in the Archives there is a video screen that previews Uncharted 2: The Artifact Room only features seating and different artifacts for users to look at.

The technical achievements in creating this presentation were also lauded. The graphics and visuals were a big part of this, including appreciation of the "lush" jungle environments, [1] [14] [16] with lighting effects greatly adding to them.

Criticism of the game included some graphical issues, such as texture pop-in and screen tearing. Uncharted received several accolades from web review sites such as IGN, who named it their PlayStation 3 game of the year.

Among Thieves in December, by Game Informer. The fourth installment of the series, Uncharted 4: Golden Abyss and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune were released in and respectively.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bob Rafei Bruce Straley. PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4. November 20, AU: December 6, EU: October 7, NA: October 9, UK: Archived from the original on April 9, Naughty Dog on Uncharted".

Archived from the original on No, this was, ah Check out the date. One day after he supposedly died. Wait, what are these numbers, right here? Right off the coast of Panama.

Naughty Dog 19 November It was a golden idol. I think I know where the Spanish took El Dorado. I mean, how much do you trust this guy?

Yeah, it seems weird. Which way were they headed? Yeah, towards the mountains. What are you -? He was trying to stop it from leaving!

Navarro, that thing wiped out an entire colony. Do you have any idea what this is worth, to the right buyer? Are you all right? Nathan turns to see Navarro standing up.

Nathan pushes the helicopter off the side of the platform. The rope connecting the statue and the helicopter is tangled in his legs and drags him across the floor and into the sea.

You still owe me one. Uncharted Gets Totally Censored". Certainly we all played Gears of War and liked it. It set a bar visually that we knew we wanted to compete with Gears of War obviously took that to another level, and again, that level of polish helped push us.

Retrieved March 5, Uncharted Demo Next Week". Russell had been set to write and direct the film, an action-adventure based upon the first game in the series.

Russell was unaware of the interest in Fillion and who he was and seemed to quickly dismiss the idea.

On November 24, , an interview with Mark Wahlberg was published by MTV with the actor discussing his involvement in the film adaptation of the popular franchise.

He stated that David O. Russell was currently writing the script and was excited for what he had in store, hoping to shoot in the middle of De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle.

On May 26, , it was reported that David O. Russell had dropped out from directing the video game film, with a new screenwriter being sought by Columbia Pictures.

Burger landed the offer after the studio and producers Avi Arad, Charles Roven and Alex Gartner sparked to his new take on the film.

Burger spoke out about the film in July, saying the following: But there are a lot of good actors out there who even look like Nathan Drake and who could do it.

I mean it has pretty great character at its core, Nathan is a bit of a con man, a hustler And then you know you have to do what a movie does best, as well On August 23, , Burger dropped out to work on another film and the studio hired the husband and wife team of Marianne and Cormac Wibberley to rewrite the film.

In an interview with IGN , Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg said they were asked to write the film multiple times, but declined all of them. In April , the script written by David Guggenheim was leaked, having been obtained in the Sony Pictures hack.

Uncharted Live Action Fan Film. In July , director Allan Ungar posted a fan-made minute short film, starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake, who for years had been campaigning for the role.

Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, tweeted a heart emoji towards the fan film, with Shawn Levy also praising it, [66] while Ungar expressed his support towards the official film.

Other media, including a comic, have contributed to the Uncharted series. A spin-off handheld game and a standalone expansion have been released.

A film adaptation is also in production, the cast of which is not yet known though three actors were in talks about playing certain characters. The Uncharted series has been met with critical acclaim.

GamesRadar ranked it the second best franchise of the generation , saying "Every level is a memorable set-piece, covering terrain that ranges from lush jungles to bombed-out cities to Tibetan mountains, and almost every puzzle is unique.

Among Thieves is considered one of the greatest games of all time. It received over fifty Game of the Year awards, [82] [83] more than thirty perfect review scores, [84] and was the highest rated game of Uncharted 2 was the top selling game in the month of its release, [88] and as of December , has sold over 6 million copies.

By June , the Uncharted series has sold over 21 million copies worldwide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the video game series. For other uses, see Uncharted disambiguation. List of Uncharted media. Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of accolades received by Uncharted 2: Archived from the original on Uncharted 2 co-op multiplayer".

Archived from the original on November 21, Retrieved 22 May Retrieved May 31, Retrieved June 4, The Lost Legacy is coming from Naughty Dog".

Retrieved 31 December The Lost Legacy is launching in August". Retrieved June 14, Fight For Fortune Unintentionally Announced".

Fight for Fortune turns up on Classification Board database". Retrieved 7 May Retrieved January 1, Retrieved 5 May Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Retrieved 30 July Part 2 PlayStation University www. Russell asked to cast Nathan Fillion in Uncharted". Retrieved February 1, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved July 23, Retrieved November 12, Retrieved 15 October Retrieved June 24, Retrieved August 5, Retrieved October 12, Retrieved November 10, Archived from the original on April 4, Retrieved April 6, Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved September 1, Retrieved 25 October We Got This Covered.

Retrieved January 14, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved July 27, Retrieved November 14, Retrieved August 26, Fight for Fortune Reviews".

Retrieved February 9, Nathan Drake Collection Reviews". Retrieved May 5,

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Thorgal Da hast du mich falsch verstanden, AC2 war das einzige, wo ich alles eingesammelt habe, um endlich mal eine Platin zu bekommen. Jan Rainbow Six Siege: Entscheidungshilfe - alle Editionen im Überblick Bald ist es soweit: Newsletter Mit diesem Formular kannst du den Spieletipps. Also klemmt er sich hinter das Steuer eines Panzers und fährt alle seine Gegner platt. Nabned, mein Bruder Ü18 besitzt eine PS3. Welche taste für haftbombe? Der Hitman schleicht sich in gewohnter Manier durch die Levels. Was bringt es mir, haufen sinnlose Sachen einzusammeln, die mir spielerisch nichts bringen? Allerdings sind erst AC Titel ab AC3 von der Spielbarkeit her gesehen zu gebrauchen, da alles davor auf der Ps3 leider nicht sonderlich gut läuft. Ich versteh da deinen Einwand nicht. Wann und wo gibt es die ersten Handgranaten in Uncharted PS3? Er soll das Problem für immer beseitigen. Prince of Persia könnte evtl. Mitglieder Registrierte Mitglieder Derzeitige Besucher. Komplettlösung von älteres Tales of Vesperia auch hier nutzbar? Auch wenn es ein wenig abgefahrener ist. Allerdings dürfen die Decepticons natürlich auch ordentlich reinhauen und die Gegner zur Not einfach von der Strecke rammen. Newsletter Mit diesem Formular kannst du den Spieletipps.

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Suche Game ähnlich Uncharted. Ihr verlasst nie das Auto und kämpft euch von einer Arena in die nächste. Junior Grade Ersteller dieses Themas. Danke für die Hilfe. Ist von den gleichen Entwicklern wie Uncharted und gehört auch zu meinen Favoriten. Optische Minecraft , spielerisch GTA.

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UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Extended Gameplay (2017)

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